I deeply belong to myself.

Welcome to the introvert life where one wishes to be left alone but they are misunderstood to be a snob or ‘too cool’ for other people.

Hey girl, why are you so quiet? ‘they’ ask, not knowing exactly what is bothering you.The questions keep coming through hour in hour out wanting to know more about your mood.

I think i am a bit of both an introvert and extrovert depending on who i am conversing or engaging with. Sometimes it’s really difficult for me to express my honest feelings and talk about what is really bothering me without the fear of breaking down or being judged.

I find myself secluding from group settings to avoid general interactions with anyone and everyone.


We are the hardest people to understand because we give less information about ourselves to the public and rarely does anyone know much about us. People around us would even pay for us to be put in a lab to be scrutinized and analysed properly to know more about us and get answers to understand our nature.

Well i just want to make it clear that people of introvert nature are not ‘miserable’ or ‘lonely’, some are just private people who enjoy the serenity of being alone and find solace in it (the category i fall under).

Quick advice to all introverts out there, when in a bad place try talking to someone you are closest to, be it your sister, friend, religious leader, colleague, class mate, boyfriend, wife, anybody for that matter and try your ‘expressing lessons’ as i call them.

One step at a time ♥.


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