Sister Talk – find yourself.

In a Somali house hold, a girl is not allowed to mingle with boys literally all her life, until her 22nd or 23rd birthday or earlier in some cases when she is magically supposed to produce a man who will propose and marry her with immediate effect.

My parents were overly protective (still are to some extent) from when i was 18-21, continuously snooping about my movements and inspecting the kind of friends i was hanging around with. I appreciate they did th

at because it has shaped me to the person i am now, although at that point of my life i found them so ‘annoying’ lol.

The big question will forever be how and where is such a girl supposed to get a spouse in such limited time span?


I have personally had limited interaction with men because half of my life i was told not to engage with them like any other girl my age, which from an Islamic point of view is valid and i followed that rule to the core trust me haha.

The only issue i have with this kind of setup is the pressure and responsibility it comes with when the year clock ticks,  to randomly have a ready man who is supposed to ask for your hand in marriage and settle down with.

I sound like i am ranting and my parents are marrying me off but on the contrary i love being single ,opinionated and i appreciate the art of finding myself, building a career and enjoying my day to day growth.

I am not an expert but a word to all young women out there, take your time, find yourself, be sure and don’t marry for the wrong reasons because of pressure or some aunt (not me, I am your favorite aunty) out there has made her job to pair you with her son.

Girl be happy and take care of yourself x ♥


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