Not everyone you lose is a loss.

Do i tolerate people a little too much?

Recently, that question has constantly bugged me.Lets get down to business, in my opinion being a friend in this generation has become a ‘chore’. Speaking from a personal perspective i believe friendships are supposed to be beautiful relations that enhance one’s happiness and make one’s life easier with laughter and beautiful memories.

These days its hard to determine who your real friends are and who is in it  for ulterior motives. I have reached a point in my life where, if we cannot be real and impact each other’s lives positively or add value then we rather call it quits.

I wouldn’t want to hold anyone hostage to stick around in my life for them to pretend like they care about me while in all truth they dont. People fall out of each other in one way or another and its natural, but all i am saying is, staying in my life should be your own independent decision not me influencing you to stay.

I believe not everyone we know is meant to be in our lives forever, some are there to teach us a lesson and to be honest everyone has their own priorities and maybe you are not one of them.

So I have been learning to not only make it easy for those who choose to stay, by giving them the best of my love, but to also make it easy for those who want to leave.

Let them go so they can go and live their best lives with the people they are able to give the best of themselves to. After all is said and done, do not waste words and energy on people who deserve silence ♥

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