Our trip to Lamu

It finally happened *drumrolls*

After a whole year of planning and coming up with dates to suit our busy work schedules, my friend Dee and I packed our suitcases and went on an unwinding three days of bliss to Lamu town. We were both so excited to finally take a girls trip and to top it up travel with the SGR train for the first time.

The plan was to forget work and our city problems to go wear bright colorful turban scarfs and dip our feet in the sand.

The SGR trip was roughly 6 hours to Mombasa and we spent our first night in our airbnb in Bamburi, Mombasa.

The following morning, we had to catch our flight and dash to Lamu which is 30 minutes away. Our Captain was waiting to take us to our beautiful airbnb in Shela village.

Yes, you will hear a lot of airbnb on this trip because who doesn’t want to travel on a budget and save them coins :-).

Planning out our activities during the stay made the trip more memorable in such a short period. We slept at Faraha house (to die for btw).  It has an amazing view to the beach and spacious beautiful rooms.

We started by having a Lamu town tour and could not get over the thin pathways and beautiful artistic large doors. Our tour guide Mzee Ahmed did a good job and was really cool to even take bomb pictures of us *so cute*

*Tamarind Juice Break*

Day two: woke up at 5:30 a.m. for a beach stroll to catch the sunrise and wait to be mind-blown by purple vibes from the skies. I took a minute to say Ma sha Allah to appreciate God`s work.

Got back to our room for a delicious breakfast from our chef Nyama (cute name right πŸ™‚ – bodied that and went out to Takwa ruins – Manda Island to get some insight into the history of East Africa Coast and the Swahili culture – amazing experience.

Had our lunch at the Majlis hotel and a spa treatment for the rest of the afternoon. 

*Dessert Break*

Fresh as we were, our evening plan was about to be more fresher *yaaas*

Our dessert was served to us by Peponi hotel which is located at the beach front in Shela village. The icing on the cake though, was our two-hour sundowner dhow boat ride.

I cannot explain the amount of calm we both experienced watching the sunset – what a magical experience. We had a β€œpinch me” moment after every 10 seconds.

That concluded our weekend getaway and many thanks to our new friends who made it a beautiful worthwhile experience: our host- Hamid, chef- Nyama, Captain- Uwe, and our tour guide- Mzee Ahmed. 

PS: Travel with a friend, it will be 10 times fun i promise πŸ™‚

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