I got lashed up

In the spirit of the holidays, I always go an extra step to up my make up game . I love make-up but honestly wear it every other weekend during the year, in December though, i go all the way out and look #glammed up all day everyday πŸ™‚

Eyelashes tend to make your look go from a 6.5 to a solid 10. I do gravitate towards the lilly lashes and huda beauty ones (Samantha is fave) but I recently added eyelash extensions to my routine. I do this on special occasions to spice up my eye look. I go for mink lashes because they’re very fluffy, weightless and extremely comfortable to wear even for beginners. They are really pretty aswell.

After getting them installed, if taken good care they can last up to 3-4 weeks. For you to enjoy these lashes longer, you have to avoid water, oily make-up and mascara as they make the glue weak. They also vary in length and volume which helps you choose a simple or a dramatic lash depending on your preference.

If you guessed i went for the dramatic ones, cheers and can we be friends? πŸ™‚

Pro tip: Do your research beforehand when searching for a technician to do your lashes. Mine are done by a lash tech called Solo from Posh palace salon.

Have fun these holidays ladies and try out different glam looks πŸ™‚

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